Less pressure after first points bolstered Williams form - Russell

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Less pressure after first points bolstered Williams form - Russell

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Less pressure after first points bolstered Williams form - Russell


George Russell believes Williams’ run of form in the past four races has been triggered by the pressure being lifted on the team after it finally scored points in 2021.

Williams went without a top-10 finish last season and picked up a solitary point the year before, with Russell not scoring for the team until the final race before the summer break this year in Hungary. Both cars scored in Budapest and since then followed up with double points in Belgium — where Russell was credited with second place — and another ninth for the Briton in Monza, something he attributes to a more relaxed approach since the first result.

“Definitely having scored those first points in Budapest there’s almost a relief off everybody’s shoulders,” Russell said. “We can just go out week-in, week-out and just try and maximize the package, maybe roll the dice slightly and try a few new things just to try and find more performance and get a better result.

“They just keep on coming, and we’re just doing things right now. Everybody’s got confidence — week after week we’ve just got this momentum. So really pleased we’re on this journey at the moment.”

Having not qualified in the top 10 in the Italian Grand Prix but risen to ninth place in the main race on Sunday, Russell says it shows how Williams is not always on the defensive based on its car performance and is simply making the most of any opportunities that comes its way.

“Three in the last four races — pretty crazy!” he admitted. “I think what the team do incredibly well is making the most of other people’s mishaps, let’s say, strategically and capitalizing from it. Because we know where the pace of the car is but we’ve now found ourselves three of the last four races in the points, probably without the pace to do so. So, as a team we’ve definitely done something right and it fills me with a lot of pride to be able to be able to keep on bringing these results home.”