Verstappen overcame DRS failure on pole lap

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Verstappen overcame DRS failure on pole lap

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Verstappen overcame DRS failure on pole lap


Max Verstappen did not know his DRS failed on his pole position lap at the Dutch Grand Prix but believes he lost around 0.25s due to multiple issues.

The home favorite was already on provisional pole at Zandvoort and looked set to comfortably retain his position as he started his final lap, but a marginal improvement opened the door for Lewis Hamilton to get within 0.05s of beating his time. Verstappen says he made a mistake out of the banked Turn 3 that proved costly in terms of his quickest lap but he was unaware his DRS didn’t open on the main straight ending his run.

“Is that so? I don’t know!” Verstappen said. “But for me the problem started earlier, out of (Turns) 2 and 3. It’s quite bumpy and I had a double shift. So I was two tenths up on my lap and then I lost like one and a half tenths all the way to Turn 7 — and then you also using more energy because you are a gear higher. So I derated as well — I don’t know, I need to check. I was not aware that my DRS was closed to the line. So, very lovely.

“Together with what I said before with the double upshifts, of course, it’s not ideal. So there was definitely a bit more time in it. Luckily, it was enough for pole.”

Given he will start alongside Hamilton for the first time since the pair collided at Silverstone, Verstappen was naturally asked if there could be fireworks between the two, replying: “I guess time will tell.

“You always try to do the best start you can to Turn 1 and then see what happens afterwards. Everyone always tries to do their best right in the first lap to try and gain a position or defend a position. Depends where you’re at.”

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