‘Again, taken out by a Mercedes’ - Verstappen

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‘Again, taken out by a Mercedes’ - Verstappen

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‘Again, taken out by a Mercedes’ - Verstappen


Max Verstappen was left with a car that was “almost impossible to drive” after being collected in an incident triggered by Valtteri Bottas at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Bottas out-braked himself into Turn 1 in wet conditions and ran into the back of Lando Norris, who in turn collided into Verstappen. Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate, was also eliminated in the incident. Although Verstappen was the only one of the four to be able to continue, his car was heavily damaged, which limited the overall result in his first race since retiring after contact with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone.

“Again, taken out by a Mercedes…” Verstappen said. “That’s not what you want, and from there onwards I was missing my whole side of the car – the whole bargeboard area. The floor was damaged as well. It was almost impossible to drive to be honest. I still tried my very best and I still scored one point so…it’s at least something but of course, it’s not what we want.”

Verstappen is set to pick up two points due to Sebastian Vettel’s post-race disqualification – although Aston Martin is appealing – but admitted he doesn’t need to react any differently after two disappointing races.

“No it’s not about (picking myself up),” Verstappen said. “These moments don’t do anything; it’s just disappointing. I know that when we will go again after the break, I’ll be there again and I will try my very best. Of course, I hope my car will be competitive but we will find out.”

Additionally, the Dutchman is not concerned about Mercedes’ recent upturn in form despite watching his 32-point championship lead disappear over the past two rounds.

“There’s a lot of freak moments at the moment which have cost us a lot of points. We will see. Of course, they are very quick, but we will never give up. We have to focus on ourselves and we will keep pushing, then see where we end up.”

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