Bottas missed Russell call, but says Imola dispute ‘done and dusted’

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Bottas missed Russell call, but says Imola dispute ‘done and dusted’

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Bottas missed Russell call, but says Imola dispute ‘done and dusted’


Valtteri Bottas hasn’t spoken to George Russell after their collision at Imola after missing a call from the Williams driver, but says he has already moved on from the incident.

Russell and Bottas collided on the run to Tamburello at high speed, with Russell livid at what he perceived to be a movement to the right from Bottas that caused the Williams driver to react and lose control on a wet part of the track. The stewards disagreed and took no action after an investigation, and Russell issued an apology on social media after saying he would call Bottas in the week following the race.

“I heard about his post and apology, and I read it,” Bottas said. “But yeah, to be honest, we haven’t spoken after the race, after the stewards. I did have a missed call on the Monday morning, but I was still sleeping.

“We haven’t spoken, but I’m sure it’s the same for George — it’s done and dusted. It’s history, and there was no decision by the stewards. George apologized, and time to move on.”

One person Bottas did speak to was Toto Wolff, who he says is also keen for the Finn to look ahead with so much of the season still to run.

“We had a chat afterwards, just to go through the situation, as is normal. But, apart from that, we agreed to take the positives and learn from the negatives and move on. It was one to forget, really — and one positive, for sure, was that it was only race two of the season and there are 21 to go.”

After slipping 28 points behind Lewis Hamilton as a result of the retirement in Imola, Bottas says there is no pre-set number that he has to worry about when he would be asked to back up his teammate despite the threat from Red Bull and Max Verstappen this season.

“We have no agreement if there is a certain points gap, and it’s something no one in the team at the moment is thinking about. It’s just way too early. Yes, I’m behind my teammate in the points now. I want to remind it’s race two out of 23, so it’s not something we should think about at all. I’m still very clear on my target for the year, and still pushing 100% for that. That’s it really.”

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