Get your best view of F1’s red hot title battle with a seven-day free trial of F1 TV Pro

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Get your best view of F1’s red hot title battle with a seven-day free trial of F1 TV Pro

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Get your best view of F1’s red hot title battle with a seven-day free trial of F1 TV Pro


With F1 TV, you can take control of your race viewing experience. Get a taste of full control with Formula 1’s seven-day trial of F1 TV Pro, available now in select territories. Unsure why now’s the best time to try? Here’s why you’ll want to be close to the action this season and the upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix live from Imola.

A red-hot title battle
If the curtain-raising Bahrain Grand Prix was anything to go by, the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship has the hallmarks of a real classic. Lewis Hamilton is set for the biggest battle of his record-breaking career. Red Bull’s RB16B has the edge on the mighty Mercedes right now, but somehow Sir Lewis managed to stay ahead of Max Verstappen to take the first checkered flag of the year. Whether it’s your primary or secondary source, F1 TV Pro will give you the inside track on the rivalry of the century.

Challenges all down the grid
The seven-time champ and the great pretender haven’t got the stage to themselves. This season is set to be close. Forget the midfield – it’s just a field. There are no fewer than five teams vying for third place in the world championship, or better. Keep tabs on who’s up, who’s down and who might spring a surprise with F1 TV Pro’s live telemetry, onboard cameras, unedited team radio and Pit Lane Channel, plus exclusive reporting, analysis and gossip from the people on the ground. With F1 TV Pro you can be there when it happens.

An exclusive invitation
Fans in the U.S. are able to access F1 TV Pro free for seven days, until April 19, meaning you can be in the driving seat for Round 2 of the championship – the highly-anticipated Emilia Romagna GP, live from Italy. No strings attached – you’re in control.

What’s the difference between F1 TV Pro and F1 TV Access?
The Access package provides live timing data and delayed race coverage, plus the biggest F1 library in the world, while the F1 TV Pro premium subscription is your very own paddock pass. It has all the features of Access, plus live and on-demand streaming of every Grand Prix session, the alternative Pit Lane Channel views and commentary, onboard cameras with unedited team radio and is now compatible with Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

Awesome onboards
The most thrilling view of the action comes courtesy of the cars’ onboard cameras. See Max v Lewis, McLaren v Ferrari, Alonso v everyone and Mazepin v himself, exactly as they’re seeing it; wheel-to-wheel, live at 200mph. Can’t believe what you just saw? Press the button for an instant replay on F1 TV Pro.

Best of Bahrain on F1 TV Pro
If you did not have F1 TV Pro whilst watching the Bahrain GP, you missed key action-filled moments, such as hearing Max ordered to give back the lead to Lewis after his lap 53 off-track overtake via the unedited team radio. You could have checked out Sergio Perez’s onboard camera for his formation lap, do-it-yourself reboot, or his weave through the field back to points. With F1 TV Pro you can go back and watch all of the action on demand. Relive Yuki Tsunoda, looking nothing like a rookie in his debut F1 GP weekend, in his last-lap overtake on Stroll. You won’t miss any of the action with F1 TV Pro.

Keep tabs on the teams
Ideal if you’re using F1 TV Pro on a second screen, the Pit Lane Channel gives you an alternative view of what’s happening away from the main feed. This multiple view will help you keep tabs on what everyone is doing throughout the field – and you’ll need eyes everywhere this season.

Radio go-go-go!
Hear the tactics, tantrums and triumphs unfold by listening to unedited team radio transmissions. You don’t need to wait for Netflix’s Drive to Survive; get it as it happens. Drama is guaranteed, and some strong language, too.

Watch on-demand and on-the-go
Especially useful when you’re many hours behind Europe and Asia: With F1 TV on-demand you can watch every race session and show when it’s convenient, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. No more getting up in the middle of the night. As well as English, commentary is available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

The biggest season in F1 history
2021 welcomes a couple of new destinations to the calendar, as well as old favorites we missed last year due to the pandemic. With 23 races, it’s the busiest year the sport has ever seen and that’s great news for F1 TV subscribers, who’ll get even more bang for their buck. 

Click below for your free F1 TV Pro trial
Dive into seven days of complimentary access-all-areas viewing. Imola’s Emilia Romagna GP is around the corner, with the first practice sessions firing up today. Your window into F1 is now open. Take your place on the grid here.

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