Alonso delaying autobiography in order to tell ‘my own truth’

Alonso delaying autobiography in order to tell ‘my own truth’

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Alonso delaying autobiography in order to tell ‘my own truth’


Fernando Alonso is delaying the publication of his autobiography until he stops racing, in order to be able to tell “my own truth” about his time in motorsport.

The Spaniard has been teasing a book for some time, with the autobiography — simply titled “Racer” — available to pre-order but the release date regularly being pushed back. Having stepped away from Formula 1 at the end of 2018 to compete in the World Endurance Championship, Indy 500 and Dakar Rally among other events, Alonso’s return to F1 with Alpine has resulted in the book being delayed again.

“I’ve been working on a book for a couple of years already and I planned originally to send it out in 2018 when I left F1,” Alonso said during an Alpine Instagram live event. “We postponed it for some time now because I realized I kept racing in different categories; I’m now back in Formula 1, so I will do it when I stop and I can tell my own experiences and my own truth of things.

“Because if the book comes out while I’m racing, maybe it’s a little bit strange. So I prefer to finish and then tell my experience in life in motor racing.”

Alonso has compiled numerous dramatic chapters of his racing career already, including becoming the youngest two-time world champion in F1 at the time — beating Michael Schumacher in 2005 and ’06 — followed by an explosive season with McLaren alongside Lewis Hamilton, and multiple near-misses at Ferrari before trying to win the “Triple Crown” by racing at Indianapolis while still a McLaren F1 driver in 2017.

The book’s description on its pre-order listing asks: “Who is the real Fernando Alonso?

“Written amid asphalt, dunes, obstacles, and ever-higher goals, Fernando’s first and only autobiography, ‘Racer’ is a journey through reflections on his life, his world, his dreams, and everything that really matters to him in ways he never has before.

“At its heart this is a story about a young boy from Spain who lit up the go-kart circuits precociously and worked hard all his life to become a champion like none other. A career that spans racing against Schumacher to Hamilton, a life on the track like no other, this is the ultimate F1 autobiography by the ultimate F1 racer.”