Haas to finalize 2021 F1 car at second race

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Haas to finalize 2021 F1 car at second race

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Haas to finalize 2021 F1 car at second race


Haas will finalize its 2021 car at the second race of the season, with some minor components not yet ready for the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

Team principal Guenther Steiner has previously made clear that this year’s car will not be developed as the season goes on, as the team will focus on the 2022 regulations. Despite that, some aspects of the car are not ready for the first race this weekend, with Steiner saying the final car will be used from the second round — currently scheduled for Imola — onwards.

“No, we didn’t change any parts, any upgrades from the test into here,” Steiner said. “During the test, every day we had a few new parts on the car that we are running here like we finished on the test on Sunday.

“Everything we planned to have here is here. We had a late development which we will introduce at Imola but that’s the last step of this car. There will be some smaller parts for Imola, no big changes, to be honest. It’s just some small parts which we didn’t get ready in time but we knew that for some months that they wouldn’t be ready. It’s not that they were late or anything. We will have some parts for Imola and then we don’t change the car anymore.”

Although last year’s car was also not developed during the season, Steiner says it shouldn’t be overlooked how different the 2021 car is from its predecessor, with Haas doing a lot of work over the winter.

“Quite a bit (is different) because we had to change it to the newer regulations. So the floor has changed, there’s a different front wing, the bodywork has changed because there were some changes on the engine, obviously, the brakes… There have been some quite big changes if you compare it with last year’s car.”

While the new car is nearly a completed project, Steiner says that should not detract from the amount of effort that Haas is putting in on its 2022 car.

“We said to make a step backwards to make two forwards, that is our year. It’s a transitional year … but we are not holding back on developing for 2022. So I wouldn’t call it a holding pattern, that means you stop everything — it’s the opposite, we are actually developing quite heavily for 2022. We are up and running for 2022, we just decided to go that way.”

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