New book goes inside IndyCar’s IRL-CART Split

New book goes inside IndyCar’s IRL-CART Split

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New book goes inside IndyCar’s IRL-CART Split


Indy Split, an authoritative account of the big money battle that nearly destroyed the sport of Indy car racing, is coming in May from longtime motorsports reporter John Oreovicz and Octane Press. Oreovicz’s previous book, released in 2020, detailed the rise and fall of PacWest Racing.

Oreovicz began attending the Indianapolis 500 as a teenager in the late 1970s, allowing him to witness the sport’s growth as an avid fan before documenting its decline as a journalist.

“I started writing this book in 2017, but I’ve been doing the research for most of my life,” Oreovicz said. “Over the last 45 years, it was my privilege to attend or cover nearly 500 Indy car races. I wanted to tell this important story in an accurate, entertaining and, hopefully, reasonably objective way.”

With a foreword by RACER contributor and Motorsport Hall of Fame 2021 inductee Robin Miller, arguably Indy car racing’s most vocal advocate, Oreovicz details the political infighting within the industry that climaxed with a split between competing forms of Indy car racing that lasted from 1996 to 2007.