FW43B a new identity for a resurgent Williams - Capito

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FW43B a new identity for a resurgent Williams - Capito

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FW43B a new identity for a resurgent Williams - Capito


The new-look Williams FW43B provides a fresh identity for a resurgent team under Dorilton Capital, according to CEO Jost Capito.

Dorilton took over Williams in August last year, with the Williams family stepping away from the sport completely a month later. While there has been fresh investment — including the appointment of Capito — since that time, the most obvious change to most observers will be a striking new color scheme on the 2021 car that Williams says marks a new direction for the brand.

“The new livery is an exciting new identity for the team, while also celebrating the amazing history of Williams in F1,” Capito said. “For me, it gives a flavor of our new direction and our long-term ambition.

“It also signals that the Williams brand will be a focus going forward. Williams Racing is one of the most famous and recognizable names in F1 or indeed in motorsport worldwide and we believe it is one of our most valuable assets.

“Over the coming months you will see how we will develop and invest in the Williams brand for the long term. It is an approach that has the full backing of Dorilton and takes preference over chasing the last drop of sponsor money. We will partner with brands that share our vision, a vision for a resurgent Williams brand.”

There has been limited major development on the car as Williams spent one of its tokens during last season, meaning its main focus is on 2022. While many other teams are taking a similar approach ahead of a radical regulation change next year, Capito says the transition for Williams is about more than simply focusing on new technical rules.

“We are aware that more teams see it as a transitional year. I think it’s for everybody a transitional year because the car is very much the same it has been last year. Next year, the completely new regulations come in and everybody has to do a completely new car and it is a completely new start of a battlefield.

“What we think we have at Williams is a huge potential in people. We have very experienced people from the past and we have also great young experts onboard, so the mixture is actually great. We need to get some more onboard, so some more leadership and also through the investment Dorilton has done and is still doing we can catch up in areas where we might have fallen back a little bit in the recent years. We caught up already during the last year but it can’t be seen that much in this year’s car because it’s very much the same as it was last year.

“When Dorilton came in it was really the end of the last season, or towards the end of last season, so everything for this year has already been done. That’s why we said we are focusing on 2022. We believe we have the right workforce, we have the right talent onboard, we will still strengthen our workforce and we will invest a lot in technology and to make the car faster and to get back on performance and that is why we believe we will make a major step towards performance in ’22.”