Mick Schumacher aims to form strong team bond at Haas based on Michael’s example

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Mick Schumacher aims to form strong team bond at Haas based on Michael’s example

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Mick Schumacher aims to form strong team bond at Haas based on Michael’s example


Mick Schumacher wants to forge a strong team bond at Haas, following the example his father Michael set when he was racing in Formula 1.

The son of the seven-time world champion will make his F1 debut this season for Haas after wrapping up the Formula 2 championship last season. As he returns the famous name to the category, Schumacher says he has learned a number of things from his father’s career and highlights his relationship with the team as one of his areas of focus.

“Definitely there are a few different factors,” Schumacher said. “Obviously for me the biggest one which I’ve done already is you want to have a very strong bond to the team — that’s what I aim for and I have, which I’m very happy about that. That’s one of the strengths, and being as mentally strong as we can be in every situation is really important. Then basically just starting off the season on a high and hopefully we’ll be able to carry through everything I’ve learned in my past years and perform in a high level of what we need.

“I guess in general we have to say I like to talk about strengths and not weaknesses — I think everyone likes to do that! I think in general my race craft is very good, I think the relationship I have to the team is very positive, and I’m very happy about that, that I’m able to build a relationship quickly with the team and then try and improve in every aspect. That’s really what I want to do, and I’m going to work my ass off for that — if I can say that! — and I’ll give everything I have.”

While comparisons with his father are frequent, Schumacher says he only takes the link as a positive and doesn’t think it has a negative impact on him, even if it brings added attention.

“I have never said that it was pressure, I don’t think I’ll ever say it. I’m very happy to carry that surname and very happy to carry that name back into F1. I’m very proud of it; I’m happy to have it. It’s like a boost for me and it gives me motivation every single day to work as much as I can and as hard I can.”

Schumacher will be driving a Russian-liveried Haas this year after title sponsorship from Uralkali was made public on Thursday morning when the VF-21 was unveiled, but he says he has no issues with the branding and likes how the new car looks.

“Well, it’s the team colors and I think the car looks great. I think it looks beasty — it looks feisty and definitely that’s how we’re going to approach the season too. We’re going to work our way through and work very strongly on ourselves and on the car. Hopefully they will be able to get every single performance out of it that we need.”

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