VM art director designs for readers

Illustrations by Paul Laguette

VM art director designs for readers

Vintage Motorsport / Historic

VM art director designs for readers


Even after 30 years as an art director for major automotive magazines — 25 of them with RACER — Paul Laguette is always looking to give Vintage Motorsport readers new information and perspectives on each story’s topic.

One such example includes the illustrations that accompany the magazine’s Nov/Dec 2020 article by Jeff Allison, “What if Ferrari raced in IndyCar and the Indy 500?”

After reviewing the available in-period photos from the Ferrari’s practice sessions — many that readers might have seen before — Laguette wanted to go beyond those expected images. He chose to take an in-depth approach by creating side and overhead cutaway illustrative depictions of the car that include its livery, complete with sponsor badges.

“I had some awareness of the Ferrari 637 Indy car before I started the project,” Laguette said. “I’d seen a few images online over the years and always thought it was a beautiful car.”

“After spending time with Jeff Allison’s well-written story, I wanted to give readers additional visual information. That’s important to me personally because a story’s imagery is the first thing that readers see, and it should entice their curiosity to keep reading.”

Laguette consistently uses that directive as he works with written content for both Vintage Motorsport and RACER magazines. Even with a lifelong love of motorsports, Laguette can still find information that surprises him. For example, he wasn’t familiar with the name or work of the car’s designer (Gustav Brunner), and discovered that Brunner had previously designed Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars for RAM Racing.

“Those cars showed Brunner’s design personality and gave me some good insight to his work for Ferrari,” Laguette said.

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