I’ve got used to spotlight ahead of Haas move - Schumacher

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I’ve got used to spotlight ahead of Haas move - Schumacher

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I’ve got used to spotlight ahead of Haas move - Schumacher


Mick Schumacher says he has got used to the spotlight that is on him as a result of his surname ahead of his move to Formula 1 with Haas next season.

Haas will have a line-up of Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin next year, opting to give the two rookies experience while the team focuses on its 2022 car. Schumacher is the son of seven-time world champion Michael and has received significant interest in his career from a young age, but ahead of the step up to F1 he says he has learned how to handle the attention.

“Well, I think that it’s quite clear that I’ve been under a sort of spotlight since a very young age and especially due to the sport that I do and I love, probably a bit more than usual,” Schumacher said. “Nevertheless, I think it’s something I’ve been able to get used to and I would say about myself that I’m able to deal with it pretty well. I think the results speak for it. I think I will do the same as usual next year too and obviously try and keep the same rhythm that I have.

“I guess it’s something that has always been with me and I got used to it — I didn’t really have to specifically work on it. One thing that is important is having a family that is open and true to me. If you have friends that tell you how it is, and have facts, you will stay grounded and you’ll be able to see things in a different perspective than if you were trying to do this alone. I’ve had the luck — lucky to have such a great bunch of people around me.”

Schumacher admits it is even more special to be able to follow in his father’s footsteps and race in F1, making his debut 30 years after Michael did for Jordan.

“Obviously it’s amazing to be racing in the same sport. It’s a sport that we both love so much, so to be able to go a similar path to get to know the sport, inside out, it’s amazing, and to have finally reached my goal — it was everybody’s goal — of Formula 1.

“All the junior drivers want to reach F1 eventually, so to be able to be one of those 20 drivers is something incredible. I’m just really a bit overwhelmed and happy everything’s confirmed and that I’m really going to be standing on the grid next year.”

Schumacher will run the number 47 during his F1 career, as it combines two special numbers for him that were both already taken.

“It’s a bit of a funny mix of things. Primarily it’s because four and seven are two numbers I really like. Four I won the F3 championship with and seven is a number very close to me as well. As both of them were taken I think 47 was the best choice. And at the end, which let’s say underlined it, was the fact if you calculated all the birthdays of our family together would equal 47, so that’s a pretty nice feature to it and I think just underlined we should choose that number.”