FIA always reviewing incidents after multiple near-misses - Masi

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FIA always reviewing incidents after multiple near-misses - Masi

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FIA always reviewing incidents after multiple near-misses - Masi


The FIA always reviews incidents that take place at Formula 1 events following a number of near-misses this season, insists race director Michael Masi.

An incident in the Turkish Grand Prix that saw cars released to start Q2 with a crane still on the track has led to widespread criticism of Masi’s decision, with Sebastian Vettel saying it was a mistake that has “zero tolerance.” The incident followed a near-miss with marshals still on track while cars were unlapping themselves at racing speed during a safety car period in Imola, and Masi says the FIA looks back at every incident after a race weekend.

“From an FIA perspective we review every incident that takes place — be it minor, major, in between or otherwise and any point in time — during a session, outside of a session and continuously learn from everything that takes place,” Masi said.

“From that end we will continue to learn, no different from a team learning about different elements over a weekend and in between. We are absolutely no different. From our end, as I’ve said many times, safety is our number one priority. You learn from everything every time a car rolls out pit lane; every time you look at something different.”

There have also been occasions of drivers reporting their seatbelts are undone during races, with footage emerging of Daniil Kvyat telling his team it was dangerous for him to continue driving in the Portuguese Grand Prix. However, the Russian completed more than 10 further laps to reach the checkered flag, but Masi says there was a misinterpretation of the language used over team radio.

“There was a discussion,” Masi said of the FIA talking to AlphaTauri. “His seatbelts — from the investigation and discussions — were not undone. That’s part of the terminology that was used. Yes, they were a little bit loose and the team changed their processes around that, so that’s where that’s at.”

Kvyat said the issue was rectified when initially asked about the footage, but was reluctant to give further details about the problem.

“We had a team investigation regarding this,” Kvyat said. “I think it’s been understood. And it’s been analyzed and corrected. I think it will not happen anymore now. So yeah, it wasn’t the best moment there, of course. But we prefer to, you know, keep it inside the team and we eliminated the issue. Now it’s not there anymore.”