Green confident Racing Point can get Vettel back to his best

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Green confident Racing Point can get Vettel back to his best

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Green confident Racing Point can get Vettel back to his best


Racing Point technical director Andy Green is confident the team can get Sebastian Vettel back to his best when he joins Aston Martin Racing next season.

Vettel will replace Sergio Perez in 2021 as Racing Point rebrands as Aston Martin, partnering Lance Stroll at the Lawrence Stroll-owned team. The German has been making regular mistakes in recent years and has scored just 17 points for Ferrari so far this season, compared to 63 for his teammate Charles Leclerc. Despite that form, Green is excited to give Vettel a new environment where he expects the four-time world champion to thrive.

“I don’t know exactly what is causing him problems with the Ferrari, we’re not privileged to that sort of information, but I’m confident that we can get Seb back to his best again,” Green said. “I think he needs a bit of love, which is something he’s probably not getting at the moment.

“He’s a multiple world champion — you don’t forget how to drive the car. I think we’ve got the capability, with the tools we have and the people we have, to give him a car that he can drive again, be comfortable with and get his mind in the right place. Then it’ll just come back again –I’m absolutely confident that we can get him there.

“I’m thoroughly looking forward to it as well — it’s going to be a really exciting time. I can’t wait for him to set foot in the factory next year.”

It’s another German — Nico Hulkenberg — that Green says has been having an influence on this year’s Racing Point car, following substitute appearances at Silverstone and then again at the Nurburgring last weekend.

Hulkenberg’s return to Racing Point offered an unexpected chance to to expand on his setup feedback. Glenn Dunbar/Motorsport Images

“It’s interesting, his feedback. Some of the developments that we put on the car were as a direct result of his feedback in Silverstone. His feedback after the race (in Germany) was very intriguing.

“He mentioned things that he liked changed in the car, how we go about setting the car up and the feel from the car, and we made those changes after Silverstone, not expecting him to ever get back in the car again and drive it. But lo and behold it does happen, and we get the feedback about the developments that we made on the car. So that was really interesting and really important.”