FIA working on back-up plans for Eifel GP

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FIA working on back-up plans for Eifel GP

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FIA working on back-up plans for Eifel GP


The FIA is working on back-up plans to ensure the rest of the Eifel Grand Prix weekend goes ahead as scheduled in the event of similar weather to Friday.

Both practice sessions on Friday were cancelled because the medical helicopter could not fly to the nearest hospital with the equipment the FIA requires. With the Nurburgring experiencing unpredictable weather at the best of times – let alone in October – a better forecast for the rest of the weekend still doesn’t guarantee the helicopter can fly, and race director Michael Masi said the FIA is putting contingency plans in place.

“The main problem… the weather and dampness is fine, it’s actually the medical helicopter is not able to fly to the receiving hospitals due to fog,” Masi said. “We had the broadcast helicopter that’s flying only around the circuit. To fly to any of the hospitals, should something happen, it’s not possible, so therefore from a safety perspective we would not start the session.

“The forecast looks better, but we are also working on some back-up plans should we have a similar situation to be able to work around. We are working on those as we speak. We’ll work on the back-up plans and advise everyone accordingly at the time.”

A similar situation in China in 2017 resulted in Friday’s running being all but cancelled, with the required medical equipment then relocated to a hospital that was within the required distance by road – a maximum 20-minute drive – for the rest of the weekend.

Ironically, just over an hour after FP2 officially ended, the fog cleared and the sun was out at the Nurburgring (pictured above), but no track action took place at all for either F1 or a support category on Friday.