Clock ticking on DiBenedetto's Wood Brothers option

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Clock ticking on DiBenedetto's Wood Brothers option


Clock ticking on DiBenedetto's Wood Brothers option


Matt DiBenedetto expects to hear about his future this week as the deadline for the option to be picked up on his contract is a few days away.

“I feel like the Wood Brothers are an amazing family, and you can tell they ooze confidence in me, and that’s such an amazing feeling and same with Team Penske and our alliance with them,” said DiBenedetto after finishing second Sunday night in Las Vegas. “I can feel that everyone has confidence in me and our team and knows we’re only going to continue to get much better. So, I don’t feel much on that side.

“I think more just a lot of logistics and things that they’re really trying to work out to get everything, hopefully, set for next year because I want to drive for this team for a long time to come. I love driving for the Woods.”

DiBenedetto qualified for the playoffs in his first season driving the No. 21 Ford, although he was eliminated after the first round. But it has been a career-year for DiBenedetto, who returned the single-car team to the postseason for the first time since 2017, and the second time in its history. In the process, DiBenedetto has set a single-season high in top-10 finishes (eight) for himself, and his next top-five finish will also be a new mark.

Although DiBenedetto is optimistic about securing a new deal, he did acknowledge there haven’t been many conversations. DiBenedetto hasn’t pursued another deal as he hopes – and expects – to be back with the team.

“That’s literally everything that I know, and I’ve tried not to be a pain in the butt, and let them try and sort everything out to the best of their ability because I know they’re really working hard,” said DiBenedetto. “Especially with all the variables and everything that 2020 has presented to them on the business side.”

“Normally, yes, it would be very concerning or stressful. It is stressful being this late into the season; I just know the team and everybody so well that there are a lot of moving parts, and I think on the business and logistics side they’re really working hard to get everything ironed out. I’m giving them much of the benefit of the doubt because of the circumstances that 2020 has presented them.

“I’m not speaking for the Woods or Team Penske or anybody because they’ve been working hard, and I haven’t really bugged them much. I’m just waiting to hear.”