LM24 Hour 16: Curveballs in the LMP2, GTE Am battles

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LM24 Hour 16: Curveballs in the LMP2, GTE Am battles

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LM24 Hour 16: Curveballs in the LMP2, GTE Am battles


We’re approaching sunrise at the Le Mans 24 Hours, and for the first time this race, trouble is beginning to emerge for United Autosports, which has dominated LMP2. The team’s leading car, the No. 32 ORECA, has been getting attention in the pits after developing an oil problem.

The car needed to make an unscheduled pitstop to top up on oil, and half a stint later, the car was wheeled into the garage. Meanwhile, the No. 22 United Autosports ORECA took control of the lead of the race from its stricken sister car.

The only other car on the same lap as the two United Autosport cars was the No.38 JOTA Sport ORECA with Anthony Davidson at the wheel, who immediately passed the No. 32 ORECA for second in LMP2. The No. 32 has dropped to fifth in class, and will likely fall further.

In GTE Am, the No. 98 Aston Martin Vantage, which was battling for the lead of the class, was sent to the garage with a suspension failure. With the No. 98 Aston Martin running into trouble, the No. 90 TF Sport Aston Martin has lost its stiffest competition and is in the lead of the GTE Am race.

The No. 77 Dempsey-Proton Racing Porsche 911 RSR is second in the class with Matt Campbell onboard.

In GTE Pro, it’s the same story that it’s been all night. The No. 97 Aston Martin Vantage and the No. 51 AF Corse Ferrari are battling for the lead of the class. Currently, it’s the No. 51 Ferrari in the lead, but predictability the No. 97 Aston Martin is not far behind.

These two cars have put on a show all race, and if they can keep out of trouble, that performance looks set to continue.

The No. 91 Porsche 911 RSR is in the garage to address a power steering issue. That car is currently sixth in class but is still eight laps ahead of the No. 92 Porsche 911 RSR.

At the front, the No. 8 Toyota TS050 maintained control of the overall lead of the event and is extending its advantage over the No. 1 Rebellion R13, which remains in second. Meanwhile, the No. 7 Toyota is still in fourth but is starting to slowly reel in the two Rebellions. Whether there is enough time for it to challenge for the podium is still unclear.