Racing Point withdraws appeal over brake ducts penalty

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Racing Point withdraws appeal over brake ducts penalty

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Racing Point withdraws appeal over brake ducts penalty


Racing Point has withdrawn its appeal against the penalty it received for breaking regulations when designing its brake ducts after a “resolution” with the other teams.

Renault protested the design of the Racing Point brake ducts, claiming they were copies of last year’s Mercedes’ designs when the parts in question had become listed parts — that each team must design themselves — from 2020 onwards. The FIA found Racing Point guilty and fined the team nearly half a million dollars while also deducting 15 points from its constructors’ championship total.

Racing Point originally lodged its intention to appeal and was pushing ahead with the protest, while Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Williams also initially appealed the penalty. Those four teams believed the sanctions were too lenient, with Racing Point allowed to continue using the parts in question.

While McLaren and Williams both opted against formally proceeding after lodging their intentions, Ferrari and Renault continued before Renault withdrew a few weeks ago. Racing Point has now issued a statement confirming it has also withdrawn from the process after discussions with its rivals.

“We welcome the resolution the teams have agreed, and we’re pleased the FIA has provided much-needed clarification of the rules on listed and non-listed parts,” the statement read. 

“The stewards and all parties involved in the appeals process recognize that there was a lack of clarity in the regulations and that we did not deliberately break them. Now that the ambiguity around the regulations has been settled, we have decided to withdraw our appeal in the wider interests of the sport.

“This issue has been a distraction for us and the other teams, but now we and everyone else can get back to focusing solely on what we’re all here to do: racing hard and providing excitement and entertainment for the millions of F1 fans around the world.”

The FIA has been working on legislation that will ban teams from copying rivals using certain technology, and it is expected that Ferrari will also drop its appeal once the FIA regulations are confirmed.

“The reason is that we are fully convinced that what Racing Point did this season is not right,” Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said on Friday. “We believe that’s against the principles of our sport and we believe that cannot happen in the future. In that respect we are asking for and seeking clarity with the FIA.

“If, let me say, regulations will be put in place, a technical directive for the future in 2021 where we are pretty sure it will not be possible to copy, eventually we are ready to withdraw our appeal.”