Binotto ‘curious’ to see if rivals hurt by power unit rule in Monza

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Binotto ‘curious’ to see if rivals hurt by power unit rule in Monza

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Binotto ‘curious’ to see if rivals hurt by power unit rule in Monza


Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is “curious” to see if rival teams are pegged back by a power unit technical directive at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

The FIA has introduced a technical directive that will restrict the power unit modes teams can use in qualifying, with Mercedes in particular showing the ability to make a significant step forward with its modes in Q2 and Q3. With Ferrari suffering from a major power unit performance deficit this year after recent technical directives, Binotto says Monza is set to be another tough weekend for his team but has an eye on how others are impacted by the new changes.

“Monza, certainly, will be difficult as well,” Binotto said. “It’s a circuit where power performance is important, certainly where we are not the best. There will be a new technical directive in place for qualifying, where somehow (it) may affect some of the teams. I will be curious to see how much, which team — I think it will be interesting in that respect.

“It’s a circuit which is high power sensitive; especially it changes a bit the balance of competitiveness in the qualifying itself. And we know how important it is to start ahead, as when you are in traffic it is always more difficult as well to make the car work.”

Sebastian Vettel was the lead Ferrari in 13th place on Sunday, but he remains hopeful progress can be made by the time the team arrives at Monza and doesn’t see it as a positive thing that fans are not allowed to attend the race, even with the team struggling so much.

“I don’t think we would get booed,” Vettel said. “The fans are suffering probably as much as the whole team. So if I had a choice I would still bring the fans back, but obviously at the moment it is not a choice for us and not possible.

“It is true it will be difficult in Monza as well. But still I always have some optimism and hope that some of the problems that seem to slow us this weekend can be understood and we can tackle them next week and be in a better place. Better place doesn’t mean we can win the race but hopefully we can be stronger than this weekend.”