Vettel dismisses speculation over team friction

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Vettel dismisses speculation over team friction

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Vettel dismisses speculation over team friction


Sebastian Vettel says it is wrong to judge his relationship with Ferrari based on radio messages between himself and the team when he’s driving.

Ferrari opted not to offer Vettel a new contract when his current one expires at the end of this season, instead signing Carlos Sainz to replace him. Since that announcement was made public, Vettel has struggled with the 2020 car, and a number of frustrated radio messages were picked up on during the past few races, with the latest coming as Ferrari made a late call to switch to a one-stop strategy in Spain. However, the four-time world champion warned against reading too much into such exchanges, and said there’s no need for Ferrari to review its strategic approach.

“There’s always things you can do better,” Vettel said. “I think it’s very easy to know a lot of things that you could have done or should have done, but I think the important thing is that we agreed to take that risk and obviously it did play out. Where we were, I didn’t think we had much to lose.

“I think it’s normal to communicate. I think it’s very weird for you to judge because you don’t get all the radio transmissions. I think it’s very difficult for you to know what is being said and to get the full picture. I think it was nothing else outstanding. It’s a lot about managing the tire here, and as I said we did the decision, and we took to it.”

Team principal Mattia Binotto said he is happy for there to be disagreements and uncomfortable messages as long as they are delivered with the same intention of getting the best possible result.

“I think that communicating is important, with the drivers,” Binotto said. “Something that we decided together with the drivers is that we should be open as we can. Sometimes questioning doesn’t mean that it’s a misunderstanding. I think questioning ourselves by communicating is important finally to get the right choice.

“I felt that the last few races we made the right choice, sometimes lucky but at least we came to the choice because we are communicating. To be open on the radio, when you’re in the midfield, sometimes it’s difficult but just making sure at least just by questioning, again, we make the proper decision.”