Renault joins Ferrari in appeal, Williams backs out

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Renault joins Ferrari in appeal, Williams backs out

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Renault joins Ferrari in appeal, Williams backs out


Renault has joined Ferrari in pursuing its appeal of last week’s Racing Point decision, while Williams withdrew its intention to do the same.

Four teams — Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Williams — gave notice of their intention to appeal after Racing Point was found to have illegally designed brake ducts on its 2020 car, but being allowed to continue using the parts in question following an initial penalty. Those four teams had 96 hours to either confirm the appeal or withdraw, and two are pushing ahead.

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“We have confirmed our intention to appeal against the Stewards’ decision in respect of the Racing Point brake ducts,” a Renault statement read. “In the meantime, we will continue to work intensively with the FIA and all stakeholders to develop and implement a clear and enforceable regulatory framework that will ensure all teams participating in the 2021 season will develop their original aerodynamic concept by themselves.”

While Renault joins Ferrari in appealing, Williams — a current Mercedes customer — has followed McLaren — a future Mercedes customer — in opting against doing the same.

“After careful consideration, Williams have elected not to proceed with the formal appeal,” a Williams statement read. “We believe the FIA’s decision to seek the prohibition of extensive car copying for 2021 onwards addresses our most fundamental concern and reasserts the role and responsibility of a constructor within the sport, which is fundamental to Formula 1’s DNA and Williams core beliefs and principles.”

Racing Point also lodged its intention to appeal the decision that cost it 15 constructors’ championship points and imposed a €400,000 ($473,000) fine, looking to clear itself of any wrongdoing having been found to be in breach of the sporting regulations.