F1 TV Pro: See more, know more with a 7-day FREE trial

F1 TV Pro: See more, know more with a 7-day FREE trial

Formula 1

F1 TV Pro: See more, know more with a 7-day FREE trial


After all the drama and excitement of Silverstone’s back-to-back races, Formula 1 heads to Barcelona for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, and you can get closer to the action than ever before with an F1 TV Pro 7-day FREE trial*.

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When you subscribe to F1 TV Pro, you’ll have ultimate control over your live racing experience and enjoy total immersion in the world of F1.

Want to focus on your favorite driver? Stream the race from any of the 20 onboard driver cameras? Or check out the team radios giving you a completely uncensored view into team strategies, commentary, and driver frustrations? You can, and much more, by personalizing your F1 TV Pro viewing experience. On the F1 TV App, you can even use Battle Mode to enjoy two driver onboards side by side or watch the race in split screen.

For an expert perspective, the Pit Lane Channel is a multi-view experience featuring the best of onboard cameras, most relevant stats, such as potential overtaking, car performance and weather predictions, as well as the main broadcast stream for all track sessions. With incisive commentary from Alex Jacques and special guests, including unique insight from team strategists, it’s your deepest dive into each grand prix weekend

F1 TV Pro also brings you the most in-depth access to live timing. In addition to real-time leader boards, there’s a new lap segment feature to see beyond the traditional sector times, and the ability to compare drivers’ lap times against one another. All the data is contextual, so you can customize your view of live timing and dig deeper into strategies. Add in real-time telemetry, live driver maps and tire usage history, and you’ve got access to more data than the teams on the pit wall.

With so much to choose from in terms of who to watch, listen in on and follow on data, you’re thinking you’ll miss something, right? But don’t worry. The F1 TV Pro subscription also offers on-demand highlight packages to get you fully caught up on anything you may have missed or just want to enjoy over again.

An F1 TV Pro subscription also includes comprehensive coverage of of F1’s future stars battling in Formula 2 and Formula 3, as well as the always-entertaining Porsche Supercup one-make championship.

Beyond the grand prix weekend, F1 TV’s huge F1 archive (with every grand prix going back to 1981 available to watch on demand) and exclusive original programming, including “Chasing the Dream” focused on the next generation of drivers, mean your F1 fix is only ever a click away.

You can choose an annual or monthly subscription to F1 TV Pro, and it’s all available on your favorite devices, including Amazon Fire Tablet, Android, Apple iOS (Apple TV coming soon) and Roku.

The 2020 Formula 1 season is packed full of action and drama, and it’s even better with the F1 TV Pro experience.

* Free trial period begins Aug. 11, 8am ET/5am PT, and closes Aug. 17, 11am ET/8am PT.