Vettel says Ferrari strategy ‘didn’t make any sense’

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Vettel says Ferrari strategy ‘didn’t make any sense’

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Vettel says Ferrari strategy ‘didn’t make any sense’


Sebastian Vettel has criticized Ferrari’s strategy, saying “it didn’t make any sense,” in venting his frustration at the team during the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

After an awkward radio exchange between Vettel and his engineer after he was knocked out in Q2 on Saturday, a similar incident occurred early in the race. Vettel had spun on the opening lap and was attempting to recover through the field, but when he emerged from a pit stop in a line of traffic he said: “This is the gap that we didn’t like, we spoke about it this morning. I’ll hang in there, but you know you’ve messed up.”

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Explaining those comments, Vettel said he was unhappy with the way Ferrari approached his strategy as he ended up finishing 12th on the road.

“Well, we spoke this morning and said there was no point pitting knowing that we will run into traffic — and that’s exactly what we did,” Vettel said. “We went also onto a hard tire, which we then only had on for 10 laps, probably not even that, so it didn’t make any sense. I mean, why would you put on the hard for 10 laps and the medium for 20 laps?

“I was running out of tires towards the end, so we spoke about exactly that. So yeah… I guess not the best work we all could’ve done today.”

With teammate Charles Leclerc reaching Q3 and following up last weekend’s podium — his second of the season — with a strong fourth place at the second Silverstone race, Vettel says having a trouble-free run is likely to be the biggest differentiator between the two drivers.

“Something is there that I’m missing, I’m not sure what it is; nevertheless I try to get out of bed and do as best as I can. For sure today we could have been higher up.

“From my side, with the spin I’m not sure what happened there; also with strategy we could have recovered better. I think the main difference is we don’t have clean races from where we start. He’s had a couple of clean races so far.”