Appeals from both sides as Racing Point fights four teams

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Appeals from both sides as Racing Point fights four teams

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Appeals from both sides as Racing Point fights four teams


The FIA has confirmed it has had notice of intention to appeal the decision on Racing Point’s brake ducts from half of the Formula 1 grid, including Racing Point itself.

Renault protested the legality of the brake ducts being used on the RP20 at the second round of the season in Styria, and lodged the same protest at the following rounds in Hungary and Britain where the brake ducts were also used.

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A stewards hearing this week upheld the protest and stated the rear brake ducts on the Racing Point are not the team’s own design but those of last year’s Mercedes, breaching sporting regulations that say listed parts — of which brake ducts became included for 2020 — must be designed by each constructor.

Despite that ruling — including a penalty of 15 points deducted from Racing Point’s constructors championship total and a fine of nearly half a million dollars — the decision also said Racing Point can continue to use the brake ducts in question and will only receive a reprimand that carries no further penalty.

Teams had 24 hours from the time of the verdict to register their intention to appeal, and after Ferrari did so on Friday evening there were further appeal notices from Renault, McLaren and Williams by the 9:30 a.m. deadline on Saturday at Silverstone.

While those appeals are against the perceived leniency of the penalty, Racing Point has also stated it intends to appeal against the decision itself.

All five teams now have 96 hours to confirm their appeals or withdraw the notice.