FIA calls Racing Point, Renault and Mercedes for protest hearing

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FIA calls Racing Point, Renault and Mercedes for protest hearing

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FIA calls Racing Point, Renault and Mercedes for protest hearing


The FIA has called representatives from Racing Point, Renault and Mercedes to a hearing into the protest against the legality of this year’s RP20.

Renault has protested Racing Point’s front and rear brake ducts at each of the past three races, only opting against lodging one at the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix. The team’s query essentially relates to multiple components on the Racing Point car due to its similarity with last year’s Mercedes, but the front and rear brake ducts have been targeted due to the internal workings that would not be possible to copy without access to them.

Last year, teams could purchase brake ducts from another constructor, but this season they have been added to the listed parts that must either be designed and manufactured by each team, or if any of the work is outsourced then the team must hold the exclusive rights to use the design in Formula 1.

As Racing Point was able to purchase last year’s brake ducts from Mercedes legally before this season, the FIA also called for the 2019 brake ducts from the Mercedes W10 as part of its investigations, leading to the defending champions’ involvement.

All three teams were summoned by a new set of stewards at Silverstone on Wednesday ahead of this weekend’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. The hearing comes after detailed analysis was conducted by the FIA technical department and a report submitted to the stewards.

At present there is no timeframe on when any verdict will be delivered, with technical matters often requiring detailed deliberations that can even last for a number of days.

Should Renault’s protest prove successful, the Racing Point cars would be excluded from the results of the second race in Austria, the following round in Hungary and last weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.