Norris to run six-year-old’s helmet design at Silverstone

Image courtesy of Lando Norris

Norris to run six-year-old’s helmet design at Silverstone

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Norris to run six-year-old’s helmet design at Silverstone


Lando Norris has selected a six-year-old’s helmet design to run at the British Grand Prix after a competition for his home race.

The McLaren driver announced early in the year that he would be selecting a special helmet design for Silverstone that would be provided by his fans, asking them to send in their entries for the helmet he should use. On Thursday ahead of the first race, Norris revealed the winning entry and has picked a design from six-year-old Eva Muttram.

“Eva’s six and she created this for my design competition and it just reminded me a lot of when I was younger scribbling away coming up with some cool things, it’s just super original,” Norris said.

“I’m a big fan of changing things up on my helmet and expressing myself and creating cool things. It was meant to be for one race in Silverstone, to give it out to the fans and let the fans create some awesome ideas, some awesome designs and let them choose what I would race in at my home grand prix.

“Eva was the winner — six years old — who came up with a very original design. One that really brought me back to when I was five, six, seven, growing up and creating all of my own designs and my own helmets. Just a normal coloring pencil and pens and so on, nothing to do with Photoshop or anything like that.

“So it just brought back some cool memories and I announced she was the winner today. Something different, something cool and it seems to be going down pretty well so I’m very happy.”

Norris will run Eva’s design throughout the race weekend at Silverstone, but says he’d like to use some of the other designs he was sent throughout a full season at some stage of his career.

“We went through a huge amount of designs, probably thousands of them,” he noted, “so thanks to every single person who took some time and did a helmet design and sent it in. There were so many, honestly. I want to do one year of Formula 1 just with fan helmets — every single weekend have another helmet designed by a fan. That’s what I would love to do because there’s so many cool designs from everyone.”