Mid-Ohio TA2 results finalized

Mid-Ohio TA2 results finalized

Trans Am

Mid-Ohio TA2 results finalized


The official Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli TA2 powered by AEM winner from Round 2 held at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course June 28 was decided by the SCCA Court of Appeals over the weekend, confirming Thomas Merrill as the official winner.

The race was scheduled as a 45-lap or 65-minute race, whichever came first. During Lap 42, the 65-minute race time expired while the field circulated under yellow. However, the race was restarted with green/white shown at the start-finish line. Scott Lagasse took the checkered flag following the 43-lap event and was listed as the provisional race winner. However, following the race, Dorsey Schroeder, Chief Steward, Steve DeBrecht, ACS Operating Steward, and Terry Earwood, Steward, reviewed and amended the Provisional results to reflect the scheduled 65-minute time limited race, confirming Thomas Merrill as the race winner.

The decision was appealed by Stevens-Miller Racing per the team’s right in the Trans Am rulebook. The SCCA Pro Racing Court of Appeals heard the case, and after investigating all the given evidence and interviewing all parties involved, determined that the amended TA2 R2 results stand.

Decisions made by the Court of Appeals are final and the findings cannot be appealed a second time.