Guindi continues Skip Barber Esports dominance at Brands Hatch

Guindi continues Skip Barber Esports dominance at Brands Hatch


Guindi continues Skip Barber Esports dominance at Brands Hatch


Round 3 of the Skip Barber eRace Series saw fierce competition, and the on-going dominance of one driver — Johnny Guindi.

The Brands Hatch Indy circuit offered up a different challenge for drivers requiring a differing strategy from Spa. Leading the entire first race, Guindi held off pressure from Thomas Cadwalader and Sven de Vries the entire 15-minute sprint race. The top 3 drivers in the championship leading into Round 3 pulled away from the pack and held on to the podium with Cadwalader finishing right behind Guindi, and de Vries behind him.

Nathan Saxon forced de Vries to protect his podium finish right up to the checkered flag. US Marine Hunter Manley claimed the Race 1 Hard Charger Award with an impressive performance moving up to 10th place from 20th.

Going into Turn 3 on the first lap of Race 2, Gundi running wide, leaving the door open for Cadwalader and de Vries to get around, but closed the door just as fast and held his position. By Lap 2 the gap between first and third was less than half a second, but contact between Cadwalader and de Vries ended their chances of claiming another podium.

Capitalizing on the error up ahead, the patience of Saxon and Freddy Gomez Jr. paid off, allowing them finish second and third respectively.

With Cadwalader and de Vries far in his rearview mirror, Guindi was able to drive off into the sunset claiming his sixth straight win. The most exciting action happened towards the back of the grid as series regular Sebastian Cedeno Schettini, a Skip Barber graduate, drove from 20th place to eighth, crowning him the Hard Charger of Race 2.

At the end of three rounds, Guindi sits in first in the championship with 210 points, Cadwalader is in second with 170 and Saxon is now third with 166. Sven de Vries is just two points out of third with 164.

Next week the series stays heads to the virtual home of British motor Rracing at Silverstone. Want to join the competition? You can sign up at

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