SURVEY RESULTS: Motorsports and the pandemic

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SURVEY RESULTS: Motorsports and the pandemic


SURVEY RESULTS: Motorsports and the pandemic


The third in a series of surveys asking motorsports participants how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted them ran from May 28 to 31 with 251 respondents (-312).

Some obvious anomalies occurred within the first three questions such as when asked to identify their role in motorsport, “Other,” was the largest segment responding at 40.7% of those surveyed, an increase of 34 points over the prior survey. It’s also notable that 44.6% responded that they are now working full time at a full salary, a 21-point increase. Those two points coupled with an interesting response to question three, which was updated to better reflect the current circumstance, showed that only 60% now say that their business or place of employment has been negatively impacted by the virus, a 21-point drop as well as 10 point increase in those who say that their business is unaffected. And, in a new category, 11% say that their business is showing signs of improvement could all imply that many in the motorsport business are indeed back to work and getting closer to normal.

Indeed over the course of the surveys, the trend toward resuming racing with proper social distancing has steadily climbed from a little more than 40% to the current high mark of 55.8%. Moreover, in a new question, nearly half of all respondents say that racing should continue this season with limited spectators in attendance and another 27% would be fine with full spectators in attendance.

However, neither of those stats completely allay the basic concerns that hold majorities or near majorities within the sport’s workforce. A growing number – 52% – are still concerned with bringing the virus home to their family. Likewise growing numbers are also concerned with being in close proximity to other people (46%) and ensuring that proper health and safety checks are carried out (43.2%).

Finally, in another mixed signal, overall confidence that motorsports will recover from the pandemic slipped by 2 points to 67 out of a possible 100 points.

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