Leclerc hoping Vettel stays at Ferrari

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Leclerc hoping Vettel stays at Ferrari

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Leclerc hoping Vettel stays at Ferrari


Charles Leclerc says he would definitely prefer to have Sebastian Vettel as his teammate at Ferrari and insists the pair have a better relationship than it appears.

Vettel is out of contract at the end of the season and Ferrari has already put its faith in Leclerc, signing the 22-year-old to a five-year contract last December. While talks are ongoing between the Scuderia and the four-time world champion, Leclerc says their partnership is a strong one.

“I’m very happy with Seb and I think it was good,” Leclerc said. “Even though we had a few problems on track like in Brazil and things like this, I’m very happy with Seb and it has always been a good relationship even if from the outside it’s probably not seen as it was.

“It has always been good between us so I would be happy to keep him, but I will respect Ferrari’s decision for whoever is next to me. At the end of the day it’s my job to adapt to the person next to me and you can always learn from whoever is your teammate. I would welcome anybody but if Seb stays I would definitely be happy.”

Leclerc even says he wants to race against Vettel in sim racing now that his teammate has taken delivery of his own rig, although it is unlikely the German will compete in this weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix, where Leclerc has taken victory in the past two events.

“Not racing against Seb yet but I will definitely send him a text very soon when he has finished his installation, to try and race a bit with him, which will be fun.

“Al simulators are going to be different compared to reality, that’s how I see it. I’m pretty happy with the F1 game. There are definitely things we can do better on the virtual side, which has damages on and maybe the track limits which we’ve had during the races are a bit too easy. These few things we can look into for the future to make the racing better and maybe more realistic for the people watching, but overall, I’m happy with it.”