The Guest Mailbag with the Haas Formula 1 team

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The Guest Mailbag with the Haas Formula 1 team

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The Guest Mailbag with the Haas Formula 1 team

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Q: Any chance of you and your father racing at Le Mans together?

Jim Kupstas

KM: I don’t know if there’s any chance, but it is something we would love to do and have talked about for a long time. So far, the right opportunity hasn’t really arrived. If we get a good opportunity though, we’d jump at it.

Q: The start of your career looks very similar to your father’s career. Both very successful in lower single-seater series, and both starting your Formula 1 career with McLaren. Many considered Jan to be a future F1 world champion. How did you cope with the mental pressure of people comparing you to your father when you were younger?

Chris Gehoel

KM: I wouldn’t really say it’s something I needed to cope with. Of course, there was some extra pressure, but then on the other hand, there were some benefits as well. The fact that I had a motor racing father who was in F1 and had some success, it meant that some important people and teams paid attention to me. When I was getting results, it got noticed. I would think the fact that I’ve had my dad be a racing driver has helped me more than it’s hurt me, for sure.

You want to believe that they spend every Christmas arguing over who’s faster. Image by Dole/Motorsport Images

Q: Will you ever run IndyCar or GTLM?

Frank Aceves

KM: I’ve always had a passion for IndyCar. I’ve always had a passion for all racing series but certainly IndyCar has been something I’ve had an interest in since my dad raced in it. I think the series is very cool and I think the tracks they go to are incredible. I would certainly love to do it one day. Hopefully I’ll get a chance.

Q: Once your F1 career has ended would you consider crossing the pond to race IndyCar? If so, why? If not, why not?

Matt Payette
Westlake Village, CA

KM: See above! It’s a yes!

Q: What circuit has F1 never raced on that you most want them to go to? (Permanent or temporary).


KM: The Nordchleife – the Green Hell. That would be amazing. I’d also love to race at Laguna Seca, Watkins Glen, Imola and many more.