Acura: Blurring the lines

Acura: Blurring the lines

Be it a racecar like the Acura NSX GT3 Evo, or the road-going NSX, a driver wants to feel at one with the car, from the feel through the steering wheel, to the support of the seats, to the transfer of every road nuance through the chassis. In short, everything drivers need, and nothing they don’t. Acura calls this “Interwoven Dynamics,” the elusive blend of all things material, design and efficiency that fulfill the mandate of form following function.

With only three race weekends left in the 2019 SRO SRO GT World Challenge America series, Acura RealTime Racing called up fast, consistent, non-pro driver Mike Hedlund to step in alongside pro driver Dane Cameron and add momentum to the team’s bid to win the Pro-Am Cup. Together, the pair won four of the five final races and duly secured the teams’ title. Until their first race together, at California’s Sonoma Raceway, Hedlund had never competed for RealTime Racing, nor driven an Acura NSX GT3 Evo. That he was able to step in and win first time out is testament to the form and function of both RealTime Racing and the NSX GT3 Evo.

RealTime Racing (TOP) and Racer’s Edge Motorsports competed in SRO GT World Challenge, each finishing 2019 with a title. Images by Gavin Baker/LAT

“RealTime Racing and the Acura NSX GT3 Evo really made it plug and play for me,” recalls Hedlund. “The team had a baseline setting on the car at the start of the weekend and it was fast from the first practice, so we didn’t really stray far from it.”

For a gentleman driver (racing’s quaint way of saying “amateur”), the NSX in race and road trim is everything Hedlund appreciates.

“The electronics on the NSX top the list,” says Hedlund, who comes from a tech industry background. “In the racecar, the electronics are tuned to help us go faster and squeeze every drop of performance out of the car for the quickest lap possible. The road car’s electronics take a different approach. It’s not about going fast for a lap time, but about being able to use all of the car’s performance safely on the open road. From a driver’s perspective, it amounts to the same thing – more enjoyment behind the wheel.”

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As a daily driver, the NSX is as benign to drive as any other Acura. In Sport and Sport+ mode, it becomes a full-throated supercar capable of mind-bending acceleration and sublime handling. With its driver-centric ergonomics, lightweight, agile chassis, slippery aerodynamics and precision-focused electronics, the balanced integration approach that the NSX and NSX GT3 Evo share on the road and the race track delivers exactly what a driver wants.