Toyota reveals TS050 HYBRID powertrain

Images by Toyota

Toyota reveals TS050 HYBRID powertrain

Le Mans/WEC

Toyota reveals TS050 HYBRID powertrain


For the first time, Toyota Gazoo Racing has released detailed images of the major elements of the powertrain for its LMP1 class TS050 HYBRID.

Season 8 of the FIA WEC is set to be the final year for the Hybrid LMP1 formula, and therefore, Toyota’s championship- and Le Mans-winning car. Since the hybrid era began back in 2012, Toyota’s TS050 has proven to be the fastest of the cars produced and raced in the FIA WEC and at Le Mans, which included efforts from Audi, Porsche and Nissan.

The car’s 2.4-liter direct injection twin-turbo engine produces around 500hp. That output matched by the combined totals for the front
(above) and rear (below) deploying hybrid motors.

Also pictured (below) was the battery that stores the harvested energy prior to deployment.