Correa conscious, showing progress ahead of surgery

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Correa conscious, showing progress ahead of surgery

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Correa conscious, showing progress ahead of surgery


Juan Manuel Correa is fully conscious and showing encouraging signs as he continues to recover from injuries sustained in a horrific Formula 2 accident at Spa last month.

The Ecuadorian-American suffered injuries including acute respiratory failure and multiple leg fractures in the crash, which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert, and doctors have been fighting to stabilize his condition ever since. He was upgraded from ‘critical’ to ‘serious’ just over a week ago, and his family issued a new update on Friday indicating that he is making progress.

“Earlier this week, Juan Manuel was transferred to a new hospital in London, England that specializes in orthopedic surgeries as the focus shifts from his lungs to his lower body extremities,” the statement read.

“Juan Manuel is now fully conscious, and his lungs have recovered much faster than anticipated. His overall physical improvement and willpower has doctors impressed. The main objective this week has been to get Juan Manuel in the best condition possible for his surgery on Sunday that will be 10+ hours in duration.

“Sunday’s surgery will be crucial in determining Juan Manuel’s future. Doctors will have, for the first time since the accident, complete access to the wounds on his lower right leg. They will be able to determine the actual level of damage to his tibia, ankle, and foot. During surgery, they will save what can be saved and removed what needs to be removed in order to rebuild his right lower leg to the best possible condition. The surgeons are the top in their field and are cautiously optimistic given the fast-paced recovery that Juan Manuel has had in the previous week.

“The injuries that Juan Manuel sustained are severe, and the surgery procedure is very complex. Doctors gave Juan Manuel the option of right foot reconstructive amputation. He has chosen NOT to have the amputation and to proceed with the surgery, understanding all the challenges involved.

“Additional details will be provided on Juan Manuel’s condition when available.”

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