Giovinazzi assessed unusual time penalty

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Giovinazzi assessed unusual time penalty

Formula 1

Giovinazzi assessed unusual time penalty


Antonio Giovinazzi picked up a bizarre time penalty after the Singapore Grand Prix as the stewards allowed two collisions to go unpunished.

The Alfa Romeo driver was investigated for his driving at Turn 8 during a safety car period, when there was a crane on track to remove George Russell’s Williams. Giovinazzi had slowed but was deemed to have passed closer to both the crane and the marshals “than was felt safe by either the marshals on location or the Race Director,” the stewards ruled.

“The driver had been told of the location of the incident and to stay right, but may not have considered that the crane was moving. The stewards consider this to be a potentially seriously dangerous situation and a risk to the marshals, and order a 10-second penalty.”

The penalty does not effect Giovinazzi’s finishing position, as he crossed the line in 10th place, 17 seconds ahead of Romain Grosjean.

Grosjean and Russell were summoned to the stewards over the collision that saw the Williams retire, but no further action as neither driver was deemed wholly or predominantly to blame.

“As the cars exited Turn 8, the stewards determined that both cars held their line, but that those lines converged and with both drivers racing hard, the collision resulted,” the decision read. “The stewards determined that both drivers contributed to the incident, and that both drivers could have mitigated the incident.”

Giovinazzi’s teammate Kimi Raikkonen also retired after contact with Daniil Kvyat at Turn 1 that similarly went unpunished after an investigation as both drivers agreed it was a racing incident.

“Kvyat explained that he saw that Raikkonen was slowing and harvesting into Turn 1. He moved to the inside and attempted to make the pass. He was on soft tires. The stewards accepted his explanation that he felt he could make the corner. Raikkonen explained that he had seen Kvyat earlier, but had not expected him to be so far into the corner when he turned in.

“Both drivers explained to the stewards that in their opinion this was a racing incident.”


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