Ferrari can win again this year - Binotto

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Ferrari can win again this year - Binotto

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Ferrari can win again this year - Binotto


Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto insists Spa and Monza will not be the Scuderia’s only chances to win races this season despite being wary of the challenge of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The straight-line speed advantage Ferrari holds over the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull helped Charles Leclerc claim pole position and victory at both of the past two grands prix. Evidence of the extent to which Ferrari’s competitiveness is dependent upon track characteristics can be seen in the more than one minute margin between the Scuderia and race-winner Lewis Hamilton in Hungary, but Binotto is pleased with his team’s recent execution and expects to have further opportunities to win races this season.

“We knew that [at] these tracks we may have been competitive, but it was not a given,” Binotto said. “But secondly, being more power-sensitive and having more straights was important for us. It was important for us not to miss any other opportunities as we missed in the first half. I think the fact that we capitalized on the strengths of our car makes us very happy.

“But for the next races, I think it can be as the first part of the season. There has been races – Germany, Canada, Bahrain – where we can maybe be still competitive, and others where the weaknesses of our car will not give us the possibility to go for the win. But difficult to guess which ones.

“I think it’s important for us to continue to develop the car, because we are understanding it, and give our drivers the best opportunity whenever they can.”

Binotto said it would be doing a disservice to Ferrari to claim that its victories in Belgium and Italy were only down to power unit performance, praising the team’s aerodynamic department for the package it developed for those races.

“The new engine, it helped, but tracks like the next one the engine is not so important,” he said.

“But I think we should thank as well not only the engine – we got the new unit which gave us speed and strength on the straight – but as well we improved in the aerodynamic department, with the low downforce package we put both in Belgium and (Monza) has proved to be a good one for the high speed.

“Certainly the speed you have seen on the straight is not only down to the engine, but the aero package that we have developed.”