Petty Superbird on the auction block

Image courtesy Mecum Auctions

Petty Superbird on the auction block

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Petty Superbird on the auction block


A classic Richard Petty car is headed to the auction block.

A 1970 Plymouth Superbird, advertised as the car built to lure Petty back to Plymouth (as he had switched to Ford the previous season), will be featured at Mecum Auctions in Harrisburg, Penn. The car is part of the Todd Warner Collection, and has been confirmed by the seven-time NASCAR champion as one he’d driven.

Under the highlights for the car listed on the Mecum site it’s listed that the car was designed to compete on the superspeedways “and other big oval races” in ’70. It was restored at Petty Enterprises with the engine being restored by Maurice Petty and his son, Timmy Petty.

The Superbird only lasted one season and Warner later came across the car that he suspected was one of Petty’s. Upon making the connection with the Petty camp, the car was authenticated and work on it began.

Petty won 18 of the 40 races he competed in 1970 and finished fourth in points. He competed in both a Superbird and Plymouth Road Runner that season. The Road Runner became obsolete in NASCAR after two seasons.

And speaking of the Road Runner, the 1971 Plymouth Road Runner that Petty won his third championship with will also be available at the auction.