Racers racing Lemons

Racers racing Lemons

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Racers racing Lemons


MazdaMotorsports.com checks in with the two most recent Lemons of Love winners

Drake Kemper was the first winner of a Lemons of Love Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car, and he’s using it to good effect by currently leading the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich points. At Road America, he was battling with another Lemons of Love car, the most recent one won by Mitch Bender and driven by his son, Danny.

The second winner? Well, Daniel Miller only saw the car he won in March 2018 a few weeks ago.

Miller is in the U.S. Air Force, works on avionics systems and has been deployed overseas. He bought tickets for the raffle after reading about it online. Miller says he usually gives about $500 a year to charity, so he bought five tickets. He likes the Lemons of Love mission of delivering chemotherapy care packages because his mother is a breast cancer survivor.

“I was actually in Afghanistan when I received the e-mail and saw the video of the drawing,” he says. “I was shaking so bad I had to watch the video at least five times. It was so unexpected that it took me totally off guard.

“I got to see the car for the first time a few weeks ago,” he continues. “When it was completed, I had it shipped from Long Road Racing to my father’s house in Rochester, N.Y., where he stored it in his garage for over a year. Seeing the car in person for the first time gave me a similar feeling to the day I won it. I walked around the car several times just to take it all in. The craftsmanship of everything on the car is incredible.”

So far, he’s only driven it outside to wash it. He doesn’t know exactly what he plans to do with it, since he’s currently coming from Japan and is being stationed in New Mexico. We’re pretty sure, though, that he can’t wait to drive it properly.

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