‘No regrets’ over Renault move as Ricciardo faces $12.5m legal claim

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‘No regrets’ over Renault move as Ricciardo faces $12.5m legal claim

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‘No regrets’ over Renault move as Ricciardo faces $12.5m legal claim


Daniel Ricciardo insists he has “no regrets” over his Renault move, as he faces a legal claim from his former advisor for £10 million ($12.5m) in alleged unpaid fees.

Glenn Beavis claims he has yet to receive a number of commissions following Ricciardo’s surprise move from Red Bull to Renault last year, with the Australian signing a two-year deal. In a lawsuit filed in London’s High Court, Beavis alleges he is owed 20 percent of Ricciardo’s base salary, having provided management services since 2012 until early this year.

The lawsuit says negotiations with Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul were opened in mid-2017, with Ricciardo signing a contract on August 2 of last year. Ricciardo then informed Beavis that he was seeking to end the partnership in December, but filings state it was agreed he would continue “there were various outstanding matters to be dealt with first, including negotiating the long form of the Renault driver contracts.”

Beavis claims that long-form contract was finalized on March 7, with his agreement with Ricciardo coming to an end on the final day of March.

“It’s unfortunate it’s come to this, but in the face of non-payment I’ve been left with no choice,” Beavis is quoted as saying by ESPN.

Ebury Partnership is representing Ricciardo but has yet to file his defense, and while the Australian would not comment on the ongoing legal proceedings on Thursday at the German Grand Prix, he insists he has no regrets over leaving Red Bull.

“Next year is long way ahead but I do still have faith in this project 100 percent,” Ricciardo said. “No regrets. After Max (Verstappen) won in Austria I was asked, ‘You see him win so do you regret leaving Red Bull?’ No I don’t regret it because basically I feel I’d be in the same position at Red Bull, even though on paper the results are better, whether I’m getting podiums to whatever I’d be getting, it is still what I was getting the last few years.

“At least this year I’ve got to work with new engineers, learned more about myself, tried to get a more difficult car further up the grid. So from the personal level I know that I’ve got more out of myself this year than I would’ve at Red Bull. I would have kept doing the same thing and with the same people.”