Vettel: Errors overshadowing strong performances

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Vettel: Errors overshadowing strong performances

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Vettel: Errors overshadowing strong performances


Sebastian Vettel says errors are often overshadowing his strongest performances for Ferrari this season following his collision with Max Verstappen at Silverstone.

Verstappen had overtaken Vettel for third place around the outside of Stowe but the German then ran into the back of the Red Bull when trying to fight back, earning himself a time penalty and needing a pit stop for a new front wing that dropped him out of the points. Vettel endured a tough final season with Red Bull in 2014, but said he doesn’t see similarities this season because he there have been good levels of performance that haven’t always resulted in a strong result.

“First, it’s a long time ago, and second it’s very different,” Vettel said. “If you are talking about frustration, I think it’s maybe here and there the end result that probably is missing. But I think in terms of races, they could have gone the other way as well, so you need to be fair – you’re not judging one particular lap.

“Obviously I didn’t have a great lap on whatever lap it happened, but the laps before up to that point were quite strong. We started sixth, and not by chance found ourselves third at some point. The Safety Car, you can argue, helped, but we managed quite well in the first stint doing something different to other people and making it work.

“That was (Silverstone) and other races could be different as well, so I’m not too worried. But I know that I can obviously have better results come Sunday, so looking forward to Germany now.”

Vettel was leading in Canada but a five-second time penalty for the way he rejoined the track after a mistake eventually cost him the victory to Lewis Hamilton, while teammate Charles Leclerc was then overtaken by Verstappen with three laps remaining in Austria. While frustrated to miss out on those wins for the team, Vettel says it shows Ferrari has been close in two of the past four races.

“I think the other way to put it is that we have had two races where we were fighting for the win,” he said. “One we arguably won, the other we missed out by small amounts. So that is the positive news, and I think that’s what we take from those races more than the bigger cup.”

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