Haas to split aero packages again in Germany

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Haas to split aero packages again in Germany

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Haas to split aero packages again in Germany


Haas will split the aerodynamic packages on its cars once again when it introduces an upgrade at the German Grand Prix.

At Silverstone, Romain Grosjean went back to the Australia aero package in an attempt to get more comfortable with the car and see if the team could make progress with its tire usage problems. Kevin Magnussen had the updated version, and the Dane will now take a further upgrade this weekend while Grosjean continues to use the older car.

“We decided on this exercise to get data and understand better what the difference between the two cars is, good or bad, then we can see where we can make improvements,” Steiner said. “We weren’t sure if the update we introduced in Barcelona was better or not. We’re running this again in Hockenheim, which is a different type of track with different temperatures – they’ll be a lot higher – and, as we all know, we couldn’t get a lot of data from the race at Silverstone from either of the cars. [ED: The pair were early retirements after colliding].

“We’ve changed a few parts on the car. There’s not one specific area we’re targeting. We’re just making the car, in general, better, more driveable with more downforce, which always helps you go fast. We’re trying to make the tires work better for us. That’s the biggest improvement we can make at the moment – getting into the window of the tire – and that’s got a lot to do with downforce.”

Grosjean is happy with the approach, and said he was immediately less comfortable when the upgrade was introduced at the Spanish Grand Prix back in May.

“It was a good test to do,” Grosjean said. “It was a tough call from the team, but a good test. When we brought the upgrade in Barcelona, I wanted to revert back on the Friday evening. For me, the feeling was not so good from the rear end, especially through medium- and high-speed corners. The feeling hasn’t been good in those corners since then.

“Going back to the Melbourne package, the car felt a lot better in those regions. It shows that something was not working as expected. Now the aero guys are looking into it, but we know it’s been our weakness. Obviously, that launch package has some limitations also. It has less downforce, but it has better stability.”

Haas has also confirmed there will be no changes to its livery or name amid uncertainty over title sponsor Rich Energy, which was re-named Lightning Volt with the UK’s Companies House last week.