Ty Dillon asks, 'Why not add a fourth stage?'

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Ty Dillon asks, 'Why not add a fourth stage?'


Ty Dillon asks, 'Why not add a fourth stage?'


Ty Dillon isn’t shy about sharing his opinions. In recent months, he’s put forth ideas like entertainment decks and live-streaming in-car cameras (to name just a few) that he’d like to see NASCAR implement, to try and help grow the sport and engage more fans.

Ask, and Dillon will answer. Saturday afternoon at Chicagoland Speedway the Germain Racing driver was part of the media rotation and was asked for his thoughts on the lack of cautions the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series has had this season. Dillon offered another unique idea….

“I think this [new rules] package has done one of two things: Restarts are amazing; they are great to watch,” Dillon said. “When we have those, we have some of the best races NASCAR has seen.

“On the other hand, we are having fewer cautions, so maybe we need to have talks on having a fourth stage implemented. Maybe every week we have a caution [with] 15 to go, and maybe it pays extra points to win the third stage or something like that …

“Look at something as far as adding a fourth stage where you know there is going to be a 15-lap shootout. We can look at different things so that you aren’t feeling like the guy who had a car that was dominant all day but lose points due to an extra stage. Maybe boost the third stage’s points and minimize the points in the fourth stage, or just add bonus points in the fourth stage.”

Currently, only one Cup Series race has four stages: the Coca-Cola 600. NASCAR added the additional stage because it’s the longest race of the season.

Last weekend in Sonoma, there were only two cautions throughout the race and those were for the stage breaks. The same happened earlier this year at Las Vegas.

Clint Bowyer and Erik Jones have been two drivers to express that the cars are just too stable nowadays for accidents. David Ragan said not only are the cars durable but the drivers more talented than ever before.

But, continued Dillon, “There is something there that we can do to make sure every single week we have that crazy action.”