Ricciardo hit with two penalties for final lap

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Ricciardo hit with two penalties for final lap

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Ricciardo hit with two penalties for final lap


Daniel Ricciardo has been hit with two penalties for his driving on the final lap of the French Grand Prix, dropping him out of the points.

Attempting to overtake Lando Norris for seventh place, Ricciardo went around the outside of the McLaren at Turn 8 — the first part of the chicane — but ran slightly wide and rejoined at Turn 9. Norris took evasive action and ran wide on the second part of the chicane, losing three positions to Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg.

Raikkonen took advantage of Ricciardo’s off to overtake on the exit of the chicane, but the Renault picked up a slipstream and had all four wheels off track as he forced his way to the inside ahead of Signes, with the stewards deciding both incidents were worthy of a five-second time penalty that drops Ricciardo out of the points.

“At the exit of the corner (Ricciardo) distinctly left the track and the stewards determined that he rejoined at an angle that forced Norris off the track to avoid the collision,” the decision read relating to the first incident.

The stewards then analyzed whether the incident with Raikkonen was a continuation of the Norris infringement and decided it wasn’t, resulting in a separate penalty.

“Raikkonen defended his position on the straight moving slightly to the right,” the second decision read. “However, Raikkonen never put any part of his car off the track and he did not make any move to the right while any part of Ricciardo’s car was alongside, and did not crowd Ricciardo off the track.

“To make the pass Ricciardo drove off track and then subsequently completed the pass, gaining a lasting advantage.”

Having already said he would not regret his moves even if there was a penalty, Ricciardo took to Twitter to give his reaction.

“No regrets,” Ricciardo tweeted. “I tried. Would rather that than sit back without a heart.

“I am a threat of a Twitter rant. But I’ll save it. Hope everyone was entertained.”

The two penalties drop Ricciardo to 11th place, promoting Raikkonen to seventh, Hulkenberg to eighth, Norris to ninth and Pierre Gasly into the final point-paying position. Ricciardo also received a total of three penalty points for the incidents, bringing his total up to five for the 12-month period.