Ricciardo has no regrets regardless of potential penalty

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Ricciardo has no regrets regardless of potential penalty

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Ricciardo has no regrets regardless of potential penalty


Daniel Ricciardo says he will have no regrets over his moves on the final lap of the French Grand Prix even if he picks up a penalty from the stewards.

Lando Norris was struggling with a hydraulic issue and Ricciardo attempted to overtake into the chicane in the middle of the Mistral Straight on the final lap, running wide over the curb. When rejoining, Ricciardo forced Norris to go wide himself, while Kimi Raikkonen was able to pass both on the exit.

Ricciardo then got a run on Raikkonen but crossed the white line on the inside of the track with all four wheels in order to gain the inside line for Signes, securing him seventh place but leaving him under investigation.

“To be honest … I’m sure they will watch the onboard, but I did all I could to stay on the track,” Ricciardo said. “With this new surface there is, and you can see that there is a shiny line, which is full of grip. Anything off of that is literally like marbles. I was trying to do my best to stay on, but for the team I really hope we keep the points.

“From my side I’m glad I tried — I have no regrets whatever happens because it was the last lap, a position and it is never my style to sit back and be the conservative one in a battle. So we will see, hopefully, fingers crossed, they are okay with it. I think I have a pretty good explanation for them. It was fun, nice to have a battle at the end.”

Ricciardo insists there was no advantage that he gained by going off track, even though the incidents led to him gaining a position.

“No, definitely not. I don’t think so. To be honest, for me that is what got Kimi in front because I was off on the curb, and I couldn’t get back because my car was grounding. It was tough. So we will see, but I don’t think I gained an advantage from being off — if anything it hurt me.”

With Norris trying to defend the inside line into the chicane, Ricciardo says one of the reasons he ran wide was to try and ensure the two cars did not make contact.

“The problem is it is such an open track. If there are walls, then I am in the wall. The difficult thing as well is that there are so many blind spots with these wide cars and the mirrors being where they are, so once Lando was kind of here (on the inside), I don’t see anything. So I am trying to be respectful and be on my line, but it is so hard to see.”