Ferrari hopes to provide information the stewards didn’t have

Image by Zak Mauger/LAT

Ferrari hopes to provide information the stewards didn’t have

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Ferrari hopes to provide information the stewards didn’t have


Sebastian Vettel says Ferrari hopes to be able to review his Canadian Grand Prix penalty by delivering information the stewards didn’t have at the time.

The stewards will meet with Ferrari — represented by sporting director Laurent Mekies — at 2:15 on Friday afternoon at the French Grand Prix, in order to hear the request to review the penalty. In order for the request to be successful, Ferrari needs to convince the stewards that a new element exists, and then a review would take place including the new element.

“I think first of all is to open the case again and have another look,” said Vettel (pictured above walking the Circuit Paul Ricard on Thursday with Ferrari engineers) said. “We bring some information that maybe the stewards didn’t have at the time.

“I don’t know (about being confident) but I still have the same view that I had two weeks ago, so we will see what happens.”

Should the incident be revisited it could open up the potential for the Canadian race result to be altered, even though the final laps played out tamely as Lewis Hamilton had no need to overtake Vettel in the knowledge the race leader had a five-second time penalty.

“I don’t know (if it’s fair), it didn’t feel like he was easing off. But certainly it changed the race from that point onwards because I don’t know how much Lewis was backing off or not; but the fight was on for all the race and I thought it was quite exciting, at least inside the car but also outside the car. After that probably less so.”

Vettel has received plenty of support from other drivers on the F1 grid after his penalty, but says the main importance is having a united Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) that pushes for freedom to race hard.

“We haven’t spoken about that yet but… the GPDA speaks on behalf of all the drivers, and I think we’ve expressed more than once that what we want is consistency with decisions. We appreciate it is not always easy and not every case is black or white but that is why we asked to let us race, to give us room and so on. I think that is what we want and ultimately what everyone wants.”