How you can support Shabral and Marshall Pruett

Marshall Pruett with Sebastien Bourdais. Image by Michael Levitt

How you can support Shabral and Marshall Pruett


How you can support Shabral and Marshall Pruett


As many of our readers know, RACER’s respected IndyCar and sports car correspondent Marshall Pruett flew home to the Bay Area from Indianapolis before the Indy 500, and he has missed the following IndyCar weekends at Detroit and Texas for the most important of reasons: His beloved wife Shabral is in a serious battle for her health.

Marshall wrote on Facebook: “Hospital life is a trip. Shabral is at Day 11 here, and we won’t be leaving until early next week, at the earliest, as another surgery is expected. Lord bless those who work here plus the patients on long-term stays. Peace of mind is under a constant state of attack. Just want to take her home.”

Shabral, who proudly served our country in the Marine Corps, is bravely focused on winning this fight. We all know that Marshall will do whatever it takes to support her and many of you have asked what you can do to help them both.

On behalf of Marshall and Shabral, we thank all of you who have reached out to share your concern, positive thoughts and offers of help. Now is the moment we can all show them how much we care by contributing to a GoFundMe page that has been established to help support Shabral’s medical care and unexpected expenses during her brave battle: