'F1 not the sport I fell in love with' - Vettel

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'F1 not the sport I fell in love with' - Vettel

Formula 1

'F1 not the sport I fell in love with' - Vettel


Sebastian Vettel says “Formula 1 is not the sport he fell in love with” after losing out on victory in today’s Canadian Grand Prix due to a time penalty.

The stewards gave Vettel a five-second time penalty for not rejoining the track in a safe manner and forcing Lewis Hamilton off track after he ran wide at Turn 3 and cut across the grass on the inside of Turn 4.

With Vettel crossing the line first but then being relegated behind Hamilton in the final results, the Ferrari driver made an emotional statement after the race regarding the overall state of F1.

“I really love my racing,” Vettel said. “I’m a purist and I really love looking back at the old times and the old cars, the old drivers, and it’s an honor to meet your heroes in a way. So I really love that. I just wish I was as good at doing what I do, but in their time rather than today.

“Not just that decision today, but just to hear the wording when people come on the radio that we have now. We have sort of an official language, which I think is wrong. I think we should be able to say what we think; but we cannot. So in this regard, I disagree with the way the sport is now.

“You have all this wording: ‘I gained an advantage’; ‘I didn’t gain an advantage’; ‘I avoided the collision’ — all this; and I just think it’s wrong. It’s not really what we are doing in the car. It’s racing, it’s common sense. Obviously if there’s a hazard on track you slow down. It’s quite unnatural to keep the pedal to the floor and run into the car and say, ‘It’s wrong that the car was there’.

“I rejoined and Lewis had to react; I don’t know how close it was. Once I looked in the mirror, he was sort of there, but for me that’s racing and I think the old Formula 1 drivers and the people in the grandstands would agree that’s just part of racing. But nowadays, it’s just … I don’t like it.

“We all sound like lawyers using an official language. It gives no edge to the people and the sport. It’s not the sport I fell in love with, that I grew up watching. It obviously hurts me today because it impacts my race result, but I think there is more [to this], a bigger criteria.

“Tomorrow I will just wake up and be disappointed. I think Lewis and myself share great respect and we’ve achieved so much in this sport and we are both very blessed to be in that position. One win up or one win down I don’t think it’s a game changer for us. I’m not happy about all this complaining you see so many times.”