Ferrari evaluating new concepts to fix 2019 car

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Ferrari evaluating new concepts to fix 2019 car

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Ferrari evaluating new concepts to fix 2019 car


Ferrari is evaluating a number of new concepts as well as bringing new parts to the Monaco Grand Prix in order to try and fix its 2019 car after a difficult start to the season.

A strong pre-season testing performance has given way to a disappointing run of results in the opening five races, with Ferrari picking up just three podiums in that time. Team principal Mattia Binotto says the post-race test in Barcelona has helped the team further identify its weaknesses with this year’s tires and has led to fresh ideas being investigated back at the team’s factory.

“Last week’s testing in Barcelona and analyses carried out in Maranello confirmed just how much this year’s tires, which are very different to those we had in 2018, require different mechanical and aerodynamic settings to work properly,” Binotto said. “We are already working in Maranello on evaluating new concepts, as well as bringing some initial further updates here.”

Charles Leclerc has taken Ferrari’s one pole position so far this year — in Bahrain — and says the team is making progress even if Mercedes remains the favorite at his home race.

“Obviously we had a difficult start of the season,” Leclerc said. “Low-speed corners weren’t great in Barcelona but normally Monaco is pretty different. We’ll try to turn things around; it’s not going to be easy but we’ll give it everything.

“During testing we understood a few things. Not enough obviously to be at the level of Mercedes but we understand a few things. I think we gained a little bit of time — not enough, we need to keep working and try and understand what’s the main issue but the engineers are working on that.

“I think (the atmosphere) is quite calm; we are all working extremely hard. Obviously the engineers are trying to understand and trying to push the team forward but overall I think we are all quite calm, which is needed. We obviously want to improve so everyone is pushing very hard, but I think the most important thing is that the serenity in the team doesn’t change.”