How to prepare for your first national autocross event

How to prepare for your first national autocross event

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How to prepare for your first national autocross event


Are you ready to see how you and your car stack up against some of the best drivers in your region? Mazda racer Deana Kelley provides a quick start guide to get ready for your first big event.

First, review the schedule on the SCCA website and pick your event. The SCCA has three different types of events to choose from: Championship Tour, Match Tour, and ProSolo.

  • The Championship Tour consists of three runs on the course Saturday followed by three runs Sunday on a different course.
  • The Match Tour has three runs in the morning of Day one and then three more runs after lunch. Day two consists of three runs in the morning, which then sets the brackets for an elimination-style match in the afternoon.
  • ProSolos are comprised of two mirrored autocross courses that start from a drag racing style tree. There are four runs on each course on day one and two more runs on each course for day two. The fastest single run on each side is added together to determine the total time, and ranking for a final elimination challenge.

Once you have decided on an event, check the registration page for when registration opens for the event. Some events sell out VERY quickly, so set an alarm! Seriously.

While you’re still at the event page, check out the test and tune schedule. You’ll want to get some seat time on the venue surface.

Now that you’re registered, it’s time to prepare your car. The size of this task will vary depending on your particular car; however, there are things that need to happen no matter what hardware you’re bringing to the event.

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