Steiner fearful for Haas Baku prospects

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Steiner fearful for Haas Baku prospects

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Steiner fearful for Haas Baku prospects


Guenther Steiner admits he is concerned about Haas F1’s chances at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after the team’s recent struggles on circuits that put little energy through the tires.

The Baku City Circuit is a street circuit that features a long flat-out section, but despite its higher average speed than most street tracks it only has low- and medium-speed corners. Haas failed to score a point in either Bahrain or China due to its inability to get the tires working properly, and Steiner admits Baku could be even worse.

“I think people-wise we are OK, we just need to find a solution to this problem,” Steiner said. “We didn’t have this in winter testing, as the track is completely different to these tracks like Bahrain, China and Baku. Baku is even worse. I’m readying myself for the disappointment. I hope we find something before Baku. At these race tracks we can’t get energy into the tire.”

Despite Haas having one of the smallest workforces in F1, Steiner insists the number of people he has at his disposal does not limit the team’s ability to find a quick solution to the problem.

“It’s not the amount, it’s the quality,” he said. “If you have both, for sure you’re better. But I think we can overcome it. We overcame a lot of things. We just need to work on it. After Bahrain, we stayed testing, found what the issues were but after Bahrain we didn’t have enough time to react to it.”

After Baku, F1 returns to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix, and Steiner is at least hopeful Haas will be able to be more competitive at the start of the European season even if a fix isn’t found before the next race.

“We didn’t have the problem there in winter and it was cold, so why should it come back?,” he said. “So I cannot foresee that one. The track has got high energy corners, so we should be able to not have it there. It’s more on these tracks … we had two of them and the third one is coming (in Baku). I don’t foresee it to come in Spain, but if it does, having the test afterwards is helpful. You can try things.”